Candian Island goes to the ICEF conference in Berlin

Maria ICEF conference in Berlin

It’s the last day of the ICEF Berlin Workshop and boy has time flown fast. My son and I left sunny Florence last week with a close friend and flew straight to the heart of one of Germany’s thriving metropolises.

My first thoughts on the conference and trip as a whole and be summed up in one simple word i.e. cool. Berlin is so cool. There is a buzz and energy there that just makes you feel alive and want to participate in whatever is going on.

This time that meant getting to known other education professionals at the ICEF workshop. Everyday for the last three days, I have been meeting one-to-one with a range of educators, student recruitment agents and service provides. And while it has been busy, I have also enjoyed the opportunity to learn from my fellow peers.

It is so refreshing to meet new people and hear their perspective on everything from work to travel and family matters. (It turns out I wasn’t the only mom travelling with the kids!)

So this is just a quick update to let you all know what I have been up to but I will write another blog about Berlin soon. Like I said before, this is a city you really need to visit.

Until next time,