Visiting Florence

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Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and a destination point for many families traveling in Europe. And while there is no limit to the things to see and do in this Tuscan hotspot, getting from A to B can be a little tricky. 

Canadian Island is a resource centre for travelling families who are new to our favourite city. We have the inside knowledge on the best places to stay, restaurants to eat out at and venues to visit with your kids.

Summer Camps

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Visiting Tuscany this summer but not know what to do with the kids? During June and July we run sleep over camps for juniors and teens. Each camp is designed specifically for kids from mixed language backgrounds and encourages cultural awareness. Your son or daughter will have fun mixing with local children, learning a new language and enjoying a full cultural immersion. For a 9 to 5 reprieve near Florence, we also have a day camp that follows a similar but slightly shortened program.

Both camps offer an exciting, child-oriented cultural experience for your son or daughter.


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Canadian Island has extended its leading teaching and educational program to young people on vacation in Florence, Italy. Our Renaissance 2014: Workshop includes a range of activities suitable for juniors and teens, run by specialised staff.


Introduction to using space effectively

Modelling objects using a range of materials

Working with different finishes 


Learn the painting techniques that made Renaissance artists famous

Experimenting with colours using eggshells

Painting on natural surfaces


Introduction to Italian mosaics

Creating a mosaic using diverse techniques

Experimenting with materials such as paper, glass, ceramics and tiles


Woodwork techniques, assembling objects and safety basics

Making wooden objects, toys and sculptures

Painting and decoration


Introduction to traditional Italian puppetry

Making one or more puppets using new and recycled materials

Jewellery making

Introduction to jewellery design

Create design using beads, metal and fabrics

Develop individual packaging


Introducion to the leather laboratory

Learn how to cut, sew and shape leather to size

Make leather purse, bracelet or phone cover

fashion workshop tuscany kids

Recycled Art

Fuel creativity in a recycled art workshop

Themed Workshops

Special workshops for Easter, Christmas and local fares

Graphic T-Shirts + Fashion

Design your own t-shirt logo

Print t-shirt using your unique stencils

Italian Kitchen

Artisan bread-making class

Learn traditional Tuscan baking techniques

Bake using organic ingredients

Tuscan Biscuits

Make traditional Italian biscuits

Learn about Tuscan baking techniques

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Please note: Our three-hour workshops operate during the week and weekends – and can be personalised to suit your travel schedule. All workshops are adapted according to age. Advance notice is required to organise and tailor specific workshops, and there is a maximum of four children per workshops. Materials used in our workshops are provided by Canadian Island.

Other services we provide: 

– Morning day care service (English and/or Italian speaking)

– Saturday morning activities at Canadian Island

– Babysitting

– Private Italian lessons

– Day camp  (possibility of 1 day attendance)

–  Residential camps

– Kindergarten and day care services

– Help finding last minute babysitters

– Organise lodging at B&B’s, local hotels, apartments and private villas

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