Me + Mom in Tuscany with Maria Rocco


When I first arrived in Italy, I felt like a kid in a candy shop and each day I was here I couldn’t wait to go on my next adventure. Basically, there was something in the air that spoke to my inner child and connected with me in a way that until then I hadn’t thought was possible.

As a kid growing up in Toronto, I had everything I needed to prosper. I had two loving parents, protective and slightly mischievous brothers, as well as a large group of friends. I went to school in a nice area, wore trend-ish clothes and was almost always safe.

Despite ‘having it all’ on paper, I still felt like there was something missing. I was from an Italian family. Which meant my family was a little different. We did ‘Italian’ things and ate ‘Italian’ food well before anything Italy related was actually cool. I would often tell people that I felt too Italian for the local Canadians and too Canadian for the local Italians.

Years later, I came to realise that ‘not fitting in’ was actually a blessing in disguise. It was the reason I was able to move abroad and the start of a new life. (But at the time it kinda sucked.)

Still here but with my own son, I notice the same excitement in his eyes that I felt on arriving in Italy when I take him to some of the places that I love.

And its this excitement, this feeling of belonging, that I want to share with other moms and kids who visit Italy. I want the country to talk to your inner child in the same way it spoke to mine and for you to go on your very own Tuscan adventure.

So this is why I have started Me + Mom in Italy with Maria Rocco. It’s a chance for families to journey through Tuscany TOGETHER, to go on their own adventure and to share the experience with the people who matter most to them. (check out the program by clicking here)

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Podere Bianco me and mom

Esterno Podere bianco me and mom living room me and mom