On the hunt for a new ‘giardino’ in Tuscany

Living in Italy gives you a different perspective on a lot of things including where you spend time with your kids.

Apartment living means local parks are not only a popular place to pass time but also THE place to be for moms and kids.

But going to  ‘il gardino’ is about more than just making sure the kids get time to run around.

Weekend play dates, report cards, tips on findings babysitters and almost everything in between are typical park talk.

And while Florence is full of beautiful parks, it also nice to get out of the city every so often to explore the Tuscan countryside. Which means, as I explained it to my son, going on a quest for the ultimate park!

After chatting with the local moms and dads, we came up with a plan to escape the city and breath in some fresh country air … with the kids (obviously) in a villa (where else would you go?).

We organised accommodation in the Tuscan hills, activities for moms and kids, and delicious Italian food.

Without wanting to brag, I am pleased to say the day was a huge success and we have already been on our second Tuscan adventure while planning to do more mom and kid camps.

On that note, it’s time to start organising …

Posted by Maria